GeoPlay Golf

iPhone/iPod Touch

The first game of its kind to use two of the most powerful features of the iPhone. Not only can you swing your iPhone like a golf club and accurately hit a virtual ball, but you can track it in the real world using the power of the GPS. You swing your iPhone like a real golf club and you then you walk to your virtual ball using GPS just like a real golf game. Plan out your course around your own neighborhood, favorite park or your walk to school or work.

 By fusing a state of the art 3D game engine with the GPS we are bridging the virtual world with the real world in a way that has never been done before. This is the first app of its kind, and is a blast to play, as you can create a course anywhere you can receive a GPS signal. Not only is it fun, but it’s great way to get outside and get some exercise, all while improving your game.

101 Ballooons


This game was specially designed for your netbook. Fly your glider popping ballooons, the faster you get them the more your multiplier increases.


Panda Hero

iPhone/iPod Touch

Be a force for good. Get Panda Hero today and plant some trees. We helped to develop this game along with Barefoot Explorers, you can explore the jungle, save some pandas then play with them as pets in a habitat especially made for them.

This game is extremely well done, and probably one of the best games for kids on the iPhone, and we were proud to be a part of it.


Warp Defense

iPhone/iPod Touch

Easily the most addicting Tower Defense game to ever hit the app store, Warp Defense will suck you in with it's beautiful explosions, unique twists, and awesome weapons. Created by famed marketers Keith Wellman and Jordan Hall of Warped Productions in partnership with Trilight Studios.

With 30 maps each with 30 rounds, this visually stunning game will entertain you for months! If you've never played a Tower Defense game, this is your chance to experience the best and if you've ever played games like Fieldrunners, 7 cities, geoDefense, or even Bloons, you'll absolutely love this game.